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Advanced analytics are essential for any company that wants to leap past its competitors and create new solutions that transform its business

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Meet us a Elastic{ON} Munich – Feb 1st 2018

Meet us and the Elastic leadership, walk through the Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash, and X-Pack product roadmaps, and master the latest Elastic Stack features — all in one day.
  • Connect with fellow Elasticsearch users and chat with Elastic leadership.
  • Learn how to put new features like machine learning and cross-cluster search to work on your data.
  • Get an insider’s view of Elastic Stack improvements coming down the pipeline.
  • Up your fraud prevention game with enhanced analytics solutions and notification.
  • Explore time-saving tools for centrally managing your Elasticsearch deployment at scale on any infrastructure.
  • Get in-person answers at the open-all-day Ask Me Anything booth

Making analytics actionable and timely

Today, success depends on gaining insight more quickly than anyone else, not only about what is happening, but also about what is likely to happen in your business and industry.

PG gives you a comprehensive business intelligence platform that can be used in any domain or industry. An Elastic-centric technology and an in-memory database the solution offers a unique, multi-purpose platform that put information at your fingertips. PG covers the “last mile” in the realm of analytics by offering pre-packaged content that is purpose built for a specific industry.

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With faster insights, you can:

Identify the most relevant metrics for your UC infrastructure and provide real-time reporting 

Produce Telco QoS indicators from massive EMS events logs for, 2G, 3G and 4G networks to better manage end users

Visualize, analyse and search your host intrusion detection alerts

Provide a single pane of glass across all your storage estate


Turning data into intelligence separates the experts from the amateurs. PG will help you reach the next level, from Big Data and Data Science to reporting and operations. We deploy world-class platforms and services that enable the best companies to become data-driven enterprises.

What do we do


Our data consultants will assess your systems and define the capabilities needed to make your analytics initiative a success. Then we’ll help you build an integrated BI strategy that supports successful data management and reporting while keeping your information secure.


PG’s data architectures are built to handle the volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value of your data. Whether you’re simply establishing an operational data store or completely migrating to an Enterprise Cloud architecture, our seasoned data scientist will guide and support you through those key analytics initiatives, helping you avoid missteps, and propel your company forward by accelerating the time to value.


PG’s managed services for BI, Data Analytics and Big Data are designed to reduce the time to value curve.  From reference architectures, to algorithm development, to completely managed data warehouses, we have the proven experience to accelerate your organizations largest data initiatives.


Big Data Services – use our consulting services to maximize the value of your data by aligning your reporting and analytics to your business strategy. Our big data services range from data warehousing and business intelligence modernization to newer solutions like Hadoop, NoSQL, and Memsql.


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The breadth of analytics

We offer a number of different descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics platforms and services, including service assurance and performance management design and implementation services, application virtualisation, ITSM and ITBM process design and implementation, data integration services and many more.

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